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Hospitality in Business
Is Thrifty the New Trendy?
Stop Multitasking and Get Something Done
Cultivating Courage in Business

2006 Year in Review, December 2006

2019 Ethics Awards, April 2019

A Father's Legacy, June 2011

A Valuable Dialogue, October 2012

Ain't Misbehavin' - Bad Times Prompt Best Behavior, December 2009

Ancient History or a Sign of the Times?, December 2010

Are Women More Ethical Than Men?

Are you normal? November 2013

Arguing Ethics, February 2016

Assistants Reflect Leaders Integrity, January 2010

Bad Hiring Decision: Small Businesses at Greater Risk

Bankruptcy Boondoggles, April 2005

Beating the Cheat, November 2011

The Blame Game, Jan 2018

Brand Integrity, July 2014

Broken Guitars, January 2016

Broken Hearts, September 2016

Broken Promises: Convenience or Compromised Credibility, May 2007

Bullies and Cliques in Corporate America, January 2005

Article - Burnout Epidemic - Extended version June 2019

Burrage Presentation Tulsa December 2008

Business Ethics Survey Reveals Good Intentions, October 2005

Can Anybody be Trusted?, August 2009

Can Business Ethics be Legislated?

Caught in the Middle, September 2005

Character Matters, Shad Glass, VP HR and Organizational Management, Kimray, Inc. Aug 2014

Check your bias, March 2019

CFE's Fight Fraud, December 2004

Clickbait, August 2016

Compass Awards, April 2007

Compass Awards, April 2009

Compass Awards, April 2011

Corporate Love - December 2012

Corporate Reputation: Ethics and the Bottom Line, April 2006

Cowboy Way, October 2017

Delphi: Bad Cliches in Business, October 2005

Describing Oklahoma, June 2013

Article - Devious Truths - Paltering - May 2019

Doing What is Right is A Choice, November 2010

Education: Cheating Your Way to Success, May 2005

Embracing the Whistleblower, July 2012

Emotional Vampires, September 2010

Enterprise Rent-a-Car: Integrity = Profits

Entrepreneur Magazine Column Dec 2014 - Gael O'Brien

  •  Questions dealing with ethics issues or red flags, anonymity assured, for the column which can be sent to [email protected]

Endurance Builds Ethical Muscles, August 2008

Ethical Approach to Dealing with Ambitious People, July 2008

Ethical Layoffs, October 2015

Ethics and Social Media, June 2009

Ethics in Academia, Oklahoma Schools July 2012

Ethics in Oklahoma, May 2013

Ethics Reaps Rewards Kimray, May 2015

Everybody Lies: The Truth about Telling the Truth, September 2006

Evite's Epic Fail, December 2018

Famous Last Words, August 2011

Faith, Ethics & the Workplace, October 2009

Fatal Stereotypes - May 2014

Follow the Leader, May 2012

Flunking Ethics, March 2017

Garland McWatters: Next Generation Leadership; Podcast Interview with Shannon Warren, February 2017

Article - Gender Bias Aug 2019

Gentler Corporate Counsel, September 2005

Get Real June 2018.pdf

Global Leadership, June 2016

Going Sideways, July 2018

Good Lies, Bad Lies? August 2017 

Gratitude & The Golden Rule, November 2014

Healthy Conflicts, February 2011

Hewlett Packard Intrigue, Oct 2006

History Repeated?, October 2016

Hiring Cheaters, July 2014

How Credible is Your Company's Report to Shareholders? What are Weasel Words?  April 2005

Humility & Humanity, February 2019

Immigrants at Work, December 2015

Immigration Revisited, January 2017 

Interviewing for Integrity, May 2006

Jay Wilkinson Tulsa Chapter Media Release, October 2012

Kill the Killer Emails, July 2011

Kimray: "A Matter of Survival" 

Lazy and Greedy: The Twitterland Saga, August 2013

Living with Intention, October 2010

March is Ethics Awareness Month, March 2006

Moods Compromise Integrity, August 2012

Morality Genes, Dec 2012

OKC Thunder's Secret to Success

Oklahoma Values Speak Volumes, November 2005

Overcoming Divisiveness, January 2013

Payback, January 2014

Political Disruptions - August 2018

Political Heartburn - July 2019

Political Sleaze -  March 2016

Positivity - 2016

Principled Service Wins Advocates, June 2015

Psychos in the Boardroom, August 2005

Randy Thurman 30, February 2015

Reciprocity, March 2011

Religion at Work, October 2014

Religion's Impact on Ethical Decision Making in Business, February 2008 

Rights, May 2010

Reputation Audit, March 2014

Resiliency, October 2018

Sooner Catholic Article, December 6, 2009

Sacking a Client, December 2018

SandRidge's Role Model: Tom Ward, February 2007

Seven Weeks Later: Insurance Limbo & The Customer Experience, October 2017

Shades of Gray, March 2013

Shifting Ethical Expectations, June 2010

Sorry Works!, February 2010

Star Service, June 2015

Storytelling Conveys Company Values, February 2011

The 24/7 Trap, April 2016

The Ethics of Office Politics, November 2009

The Fish! Angle, November 2012

The Office "Pinch": Pennies Add Up to Billions, June 2007

The Role of Lawyers in Corporate Responsibility, December 2004

The Trust Deficit, December 2013

Travelers Guide to Good Behavior, October 2011

Trustbusters, November 2010

Unethical or Just Plain Stupid, July 2010

US Complacency vs. Oklahoma Standard, March 2007

Virtuous Compromise, March 2017

Vulnerability in Hard Times, March 2010

Wading Through the Maze, August 2006 

What is Integrity Exactly? (Guest article by C. Zach) (Jan 2014)

Whistleblower & Watergate June 2018

Who Counts? - November 2015

Women and Workplace Ethics, October 2013

World Class Virtues, August 2015

Wrestling With Pigs, April 2009


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Lori Tansey Martens Interview - February 2013

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Robin Jones Interview - March 2014

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CR Anthony Inspirational Segment (Hingson Promo) - Feb 2014

Click here to listen to interview with Mike Hingson - Feb 2014

Will Rogers Inspirational Segment (Hingson Promo) - Apr 2014

Tulsa Chapter Press

9/16/12 – Tulsa World John Stancavage: An ethical workplace helps companies prosper and Tulsa World Business Section Ad

9/24/12 – KRMG The Ethics Guy to present 'Five Principles for Making Great Things Happen' this Thursday in Tulsa (interview didn’t air, but was posted online 10/1/12)

9/24/12 – Tulsa Business Journal The Ethics Guy to talk best practices at luncheon

9/27/12 – KMOD - The Phil & Brent Morning Zoo with Dr. Bruce Weinstein (interview unavailable online)

9/27/12 – KTUL's Good Day Tulsa (ABC affiliate) -  Interview with Dr. Bruce Weinstein and Michael Oonk

9/27/12 – KJRH's The List (NBC affiliate) - Interview with Dr. Bruce Weinstein

Tulsa Business Journal - OK Ethics Awards Announcement - March 2014


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