Guiding Principles

Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium Guiding Principles
Adopted July, 2004*

To ensure that the Consortium fosters positive characteristics of integrity in the successful achievement of its goals, these Guiding Principles were discussed and adopted (with revisions) during a milestone planning session held by Consortium leaders in Stroud on June 18, 2004.  These principles were developed based on the Character First Institute's values and philosophies.  

I. Responsibility to Self and Others:

  • Service:
    • Passion for promoting ethics and integrity
    • Encouraging the promotion of ethical behavior through personal actions and
    • Sharing ideas and resources
    • Responsibility and accountability for fulfilling the mission of the Consortium.
  • Collaboration:
    • Achievement of common goals through the promotion of ethical, mutually beneficial relationships
    • Service to the Consortium over promotion of self-interest
    • Cooperation emphasized over competition in promoting ethical business conduct
    • Members collaborate by being constructively engaged in discussions regarding ethics
    •  Seeking consensus in interactive discussions regarding ethical matters.
  • Respect:
    • Members may become aware of confidential information shared by others in an effort to determine an ethical course of action. We ask members to be sensitive in recognizing and respecting the efforts made toward achieving ethical behavior. In that vein, public disclosure of this information is discouraged.
    • We respect other members and the process by:
      • Exhibiting listening skills and actively listening to discussions
      • Being open to other points of view and outcomes
    • We are an inclusive organization and demonstrate this by welcoming members who are in different stages of learning as applied to ethical behavior.

II. Lead with Integrity

  • Dependability:
    • Members are asked to demonstrate their support of this initiative by consistently attending meetings.
  • Initiative:
    • Recruiting other members who have demonstrated a desire to promote ethical behavior in their organizations.
    • Recognizing what needs to be done to help promote the Mission of the Consortium and taking action to assist in that effort.
  • Honor:
    • Members are asked to honor the Consortium through the practice of integrity and ethical behavior in their business dealings.
    • We express gratefulness to our hosts, sponsors and speakers.
    • Realizing that each of us is in a mode of continual learning, we demonstrate humility, care and compassion when sharing our thoughts and knowledge.
  • Courage:
    • Speak the truth with confidence and encourage others to do the same.

III. Inspire Trust

  • We serve and promote the cause of truth with integrity, objectivity and fairness to all persons.
    • We hold ourselves accountable by consistently honoring our word. 
    • We extend trust abundantly to those who have earned it. 
    • Trust, once earned, will not be taken for granted, manipulated or abused.

* Revised September 2004.

   "Collaboration" section amended by unanimous vote of the Board on 5/1/08

   "Inspire Trust" section added by vote of the Board on 4/7/10


Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium Accessibility Policy

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