Compass Awards Event ~ April 20, 2010

Held at the Jim Thorpe Museum and Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame

Photos by Ted West, Digital West

OK Ethics Ambassadors and

Registration Teams

2010 Compass Ambassador team 3.JPG 2010 Compass Ambassadors Beau, Arete, Kara.JPG
2010 Compass Registration Team Best.JPG 2010 Compass Registration Mark, Mary Kay, Joe.JPG
Justin Hazzard, Lisa Giles, Sherree Murray, Mary Vaughn, Tere Bettis and Dr. Scott Harris
Beau Reed, Arete Kamphaus and Kara Stevi
Dr. Deborah Burrouhs, Dr. Kathy Terrell and Gus Alfonzo
Mark Neumeister, Mary Kay Huggard and Joe Walker




Board Honorees
2010 CA Lynn honors Bob & Rob.JPG 2010 CA Lynn & Bob.JPG 2010 CA Honoree Bob with Jari.JPG 2010 CA Honoree Rob with Jari.JPG
Lynn Flinn honors Bob Byrne & Rob Martinek for their five years of service on the OK Ethics Board of Directors. Lynn Flinn & Bob Byrne Honoree Bob Byrne with Lt. Gov. Askins Honoree Rob Martinek with Lt. Gov. Askins



 OK Ethics Board Members

   2010 Compass Board group.JPG; Dav, Garyl,SW,Rob, Lynn.JPG   
  A few of the OK Ethics Board members pause for a quick  photo.  David Mayfield, Garyl Geist, Shannon Warren, Rob Martinek, and Lynn Flinn.


Pilot Award Honoring Tom Hill
2010 Compass Honoree Tom H with Jari.JPG2010 Compass Kimray Kay with husband Tom.JPG

(Right)  Pilot Award Honoree Tom Hill with Lt. Gov. Jari Askins  (Left) Tom Hill visits with his wife,  Kay.

Compass Awards Selection Team

2010 CA Judge Mike Strong at podium2.JPG

2010 Compass Awards  Mike Strong Edith Steele  Dr  John Foust.JPG

2010 CA Judges recognition.JPG 2010 Compass Awards Judges with Shannon  Jari.JPG
Mike Strong at podium Selection Team Co-Chairs Mike Strong & Edith Steele chat with Dr. John Foust, Team Member
Standing: Dr. James Branscum, Dr. John Foust, Claudette Greenway, Oscar Jackson and Mike Lyles Selection team poses with Lt. Gov. Askins & Shannon Warren, Founder




Compass Award Presentation:

Express Employment Professionals

2010 Compass Expres table 2.JPG   2010 Compass Awards Express team.JPG      

Express Employment Professionals table

Express Employment Professionals Team






Compass Award Presentation:

Kimray, Inc.

 2010 Compass Kimray - David Hill with father looking on.JPG         2010 Compass Vernon at podium 2 close up 002.JPG    2010 Compass Honoree David Hill with Jari.JPG  2010 Compass Kirmay table too.JPG      

Left to right:
1)  Kimray Inc.'s David Hill receiving the Compass Award for the Medium Company Category with his father Tom Hill looking on.
2) Compass Award Presenter: Vernon McKown, OK Ethics Compass Award Selection Team & 2008 Honoree: Co-Owner and President, Ideal Homes

3)  Kimray's David Hill with Lt. Governor Jari Askins

4) Kimray Table


Compass Award Presentation:

Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc.

2010 Compass Retirement Inv Presentation 002.JPG    2010 Compass Retirement Inv Randy smiling close up.JPG   2010 Compass Retirement Investment Advisors.JPG  2010 Compass Retirement Inv Randy Thruman.JPG      

1) Retirement Investment Advisors Inc.'s Randy Thurman receives the Compass Award for the Small Company Category from Selection Committee member Edith Steele
2)  Randy Thurman of Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc.

3) Retirement Investment Advisors Team Members

4)  Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc. table at the Compass Awards.



2010 Compass Table setting Ret Inv Adv.JPG  2010 Compass Honoree Randy Thurman with Jari.JPG  2010 Compass Retirement Inv table.JPG      

1)  Table Setting for Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc

2) Retirement Investment Advisors CEO Randy Thurman poses with Lt. Gov. Jari Askins
3)   Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc. members enjoy the Compass Awards



Keynote Speaker Tom McDaniel,

President of Okklahoma City University

 2010 Compass OCU Tom Mc at podium close up.JPG       2010 Compass OCU Bridget close up at podium.JPG   2010 Compass OCU Tom Mc animated.JPG   2010 Compass OCU students with Jari.JPG      

1 & 3)  Keynote Speaker Tom McDaniel, President of Oklahoma City University

2)  OCU Student and OK Ethics 2008 & 2009 Scholarship Recipient and Regional Ethics bowl Participant Bridget Shuck introduces the
Keynote Speaker, Tom McDaniel

4)  OCU Students with Lt. Governor Jari Askins


Compass Award Honoree's and Lt. Governor Jari Askins

 2010 Compass Honorees with Jari.JPG    
 Compass Award Attendees      
 2010 Compass Awards VIP table Jacque  Pam.JPG  2010 Compass Awards Tere  Dr  Carmichael.JPG  2010 Compass VIP table Edith husband Bill 002.JPG        

2010 Compass Awards Shannon  Dr  Carmichael.JPG

2010 Compass Awards VIp table Vince O Oscar J  Mike S.JPG  

2010 Compass VIP table Tom Mc with Bridget Shuck.JPG   

2010 Compass VIP table Garyl Mike Shannon H 002.JPG




1)  OK Ethics Founder, Shannon Warren, poses with Dr. David Carmichael, Founder of the first student OK Ethcis chapter in the state before his retirement from OCU.


2)  OCU's Dean of the Meinders School of Business, Dr. Vince Orza, studies the program agenda, along with Mike Strong, OK Ethics Compass Award Co-Chair.


3) OCU President Tom McDaniel poses with OK Ethics two-time scholarship recipient, Bridget Shuck.


4) Pictured are Garyl Geist, President of OK Ethics, Mike Lyles of the Compass Award Selection Team and Shannon Hiebert, OK Ethics Vice Presdient of Membership.

2010 Compass Vip table Tony, Vernon Jari.JPG                  2010 Compass Awards Ted S David Prater Tony B  Vernon Mc.JPG              2010 Compass Crowd shot 8.JPG       2010 Compass Crowd shot 7 with Pam 002.JPG    

1)  OK Ethics Board Member Tony Blasier and OK Ethics Cmpass Award Selection Team member Vernon McKown are seated with Lt. Gov. Jari Askins.

2)  Applauding the speaker are Ted Streuli of The Journal Record, Oklahoma County DA David Prater along with Tony Blasier of Chesapeake Energy and Vernon McKown of Ideal Homes.

Listening attentively are OK Ethics Board members Pam Fountain and Rob Martinek.