2019 OK Ethics Awards "Purpose Beyond Profit” with Keynote Speaker Roy Spence, Co-founder & CEO, The Purpose Institute







Royce Spence, Keynote Speaker

Top: Royce Spence & Shannon Warren

Bottom: Shannon Warren, Thomas Hill, III & Dr. Nathan Mellor 

Executive Pilot recipient: Thomas Hill, III, CEO, Kimray, Inc.  Carmichael Award Winner, Jamie O'Brien



Shannon Warren, Carmichael Award Winner, Jamie O'Brien, and Nathan Mellor Carmichael Award Winner, Bridgette Poputa-Clean, Prosperity Bank  Micheal Scott, East Central University Lynda Mobley, ONE Gas, Inc.

Community Impact Award Honoree - Education Category:

Metro Tech 

Community Impact Award Honorees - Education Category:

Christian Heritage Academy, Susan DeMoss pictured